Turning 24

For the last few years I have written a blog post on my birthday. This birthday is no exception but while working late at Notifo tonight I decided to have some fun with it. Chad and I whipped up this simple page where you can send a birthday message directly to my phone. Notifo uses push — a lightning fast notification technology made possible by the flux capacitor powered by 1.21 jiggawatts — so I will get your message on my iPhone usually in under 3 seconds. We decided to make it the first of a bunch of examples/projects that will go on a future Notifo "Labs" site. You can view the PHP source here to see how it's done and begin tinkering on your own.

For the next 24 hours, on my 24th birthday you can send me a message to my phone using Notifo. Cheers!

Notifo Labs - Send a birthday message to Stammy

Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog over the years! PaulStamatiou.com turns 5 years old sometime in August. If you have yet to subscribe, head over to my sidebar and take your pick of email or RSS. I'm actually using WP-Notifo so technically you can also subscribe to this blog on Notifo as well but I need to spend a few seconds to add the widget first. I know I haven't been blogging as much in the last year; been keeping busy with work but hopefully the articles I write are useful and informative. My recent move to San Francisco has been amazing and I am loving it out here. Some great things to come...

Best, Paul

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