Hi, I'm Stammy!

I'm a designer & developer working in crypto

I'm a designer who loves to build and code. I'm a fierce advocate for having a high product quality bar and know that having an intimate understanding of technical constraints is a core part of elevating quality.

I obsess over the details in visual design, interaction design and prototypes, but I've been a product designer long enough to know that successful designs encompass much more than that. They're collaborative endeavors spanning research, engineering, product, design and more. I spend a lot of time on the intangible parts of a product, like documentation and product strategy, to help focus teams and evangelize the direction.

I'm always building something on the side. Currently that is Stocketa, my stock & crypto portfolio tracker app. When the pandemic started, I found myself wanting to learn iOS app development. I knew I wanted a better way to track my investments so I designed and built the website, app and backend of Stocketa myself. I wrote a bit about the experience in this SwiftUI post.

You can find me on Twitter (@Stammy) where I like to talk about design, code, crypto and just generally things that interest me. As for what this "Stammy" name is all about: that's been my nickname for years now. It's easier to say than my last name.


I am a Principal Product Designer at Kraken, a crypto asset exchange. I believe there is a huge opportunity to improve the design of every part of the crypto experience today.

I have a degree from Georgia Tech in Computational Media (CS + Design). I co-founded 3 startups, participated in Y Combinator, and was a product designer at Twitter (here's some past work) for 9 years.

This site

This website has been online since 2005 when it was hosted on a Mac in my dorm. Everything is designed and built myself. Pages are generated with Jekyll and served on Netlify with media hosted separately on CloudFront. Type is set in Whitney by Hoefler & Co. Read more.

I don't publish too often here—only when I want to dive deep on a topic that interests me. But when I write an article or craft a photoset, I spend a lot of time (this took 4 months of spare time) to make something useful.

I also love sharing my travels through meticulously crafted photosets I design and build, such as this collection from my trip to Africa. That being said, with the pandemic I'm not traveling and shooting as much and have found other projects to fill my time.