Paul Stamatiou @Stammy

Hi, I'm Stammy!

I'm a 31 year old product designer at Twitter where I've been focusing on media and creation experiences including Twitter Video and tweetstorms for the majority of my 5 years there. My hobby is photography, so my role at Twitter couldn't be a better alignment of my skills and passion.

I have a background in design and computer science and enjoy taking projects from sketches to high-fidelity designs and thinking about the motion design while building fully interactive prototypes. The products I design are interactive (typically mobile) products so I feel strongly that my deliverable as a designer needs to be the same and can't just be static mocks.

My passion for travel and photography led me to build a photos section. I'm passionate about archiving my journeys through capturing and sharing my photos and videos. I started doing it just for myself to make it easy to relive old trips. My photosets and collections have started getting more attention and now I'm always thinking of ways to improve, rethink and redesign them for future travels. Read more about how I make these photosets, my camera gear and stuff I use.

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Hiroshima, Japan



Launched Twitter Video. Interviewed by Georgia Tech for an alumni profile.


My blog post Android is better went viral.


Appeared on BBC and wrote a popular guest post for TechCrunch.


Cofounded Picplum, a Y Combinator photo printing and sharing startup.


Moved from Atlanta to San Francisco and cofounded Notifo, a Y Combinator mobile notifications platform startup.


Ford gave me an unreleased car to help them with marketing.


Earned a B.S. with Honors in Computational Media from Georgia Tech.
Nike put me in a commercial for Nike+.
Was the #1 "Paul" on Google


Cofounded Skribit, a startup around helping blogger's cure writer's block by getting suggestions for articles to write. Funded by Georgia Tech Edison Fund.


Registered and began this website.

Paul Stamatiou at Google I/O
Talking about cross-platform design at Google I/O 2014

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