Hi, I'm Stammy!

Co-Founder of Rewind AI

I'm a designer who loves to build and code. I'm a fierce advocate for having a high product quality bar and know that having an intimate understanding of technical constraints is a core part of elevating quality.

I obsess over the details in visual design, interaction design and code, but I've been a product designer long enough to know that successful designs encompass much more than that. They're collaborative endeavors spanning research, engineering, product, design and more. I spend a lot of time on the intangible parts of a product, like docs and strategy, to help focus teams and evangelize the direction.

I am the Co-Founder, and previously Head of Design, of Rewind.AI, personalized AI powered by everything you’ve seen, said, or heard.

I spend my time in New York and San Francisco with my wife Katherine. I have a degree from Georgia Tech in Computational Media (CS + Design). I co-founded 3 startups, participated in Y Combinator, and was a product designer at Twitter for 9 years (here's some past work).

You can find me on Twitter (@Stammy) and Mastodon where I like to talk about design, code and just generally things that interest me. As for what this "Stammy" name is all about: that's been my nickname for years now. It's easier to say than my last name.

This site

This website has been online since 2005 when it was hosted on a G4 Mac Mini in my dorm. Everything is designed and built myself. Pages are generated with Jekyll and served on Netlify with media hosted separately on CloudFront. Read more.

I don't publish too often here—only when I want to dive deep on a topic that interests me. But when I write an article or craft a photoset, I spend a lot of time (this took 4 months of spare time) to make something useful.