Paul Stamatiou @Stammy

Hi, I'm Stammy!

I'm a designer at Twitter in New York.

Technology has often found ways to pull me into new hobbies. I got into photography out of a curiosity for DSLR cameras. I got into running when Nike+ came out and I could more readily track my runs. I was drawn into cooking out of an initial curiosity with sous-vide cookers. And I grew a reading habit after experiencing the convenience of a Kindle.

Great products can do much more than solve problems, but delight and even change habits at times. Somewhere along the way I realized that design is integral to all of these experiences and it was something I wanted to focus on. I have a background in design and computer science and particularly enjoy taking projects from high-fidelity designs to interactive prototypes—and most recently, building ideas in iOS with Swift/SwiftUI. Take a look at some of my work.

I spend way too much time here editing photos, designing, developing and writing.

I started this website while in college in 2005 to share my passion for technology, design and photography. Everything you see on this site was designed and developed myself. Pages are generated using the static site generator Jekyll, hosted on Netlify with media served via AWS CloudFront; a long way from the G4 Mac Mini that used to host this site.

I don't publish too often here—only when I want to dive deep on a topic that interests me. That may be once a year or less. But when I write an article or craft a photoset, I spend a lot of time (this one took 4 months of spare time) to make something useful.

After graduating from Georgia Tech I co-founded 3 startups (two with Y Combinator) over five years before joining Twitter in 2013. At Twitter I have been focusing on media and creation experiences, working on things like Fleets, Twitter Camera, Twitter Video and tweetstorms.

Photography is my hobby and passion; my role at Twitter couldn't be a better alignment of my skills and passion.

I'm passionate about sharing my travels—mostly for myself—through meticulously crafted photosets. They're a great way for me to relive past experiences and share them with friends. I'm always thinking of ways to improve, rethink and redesign them for future travels.

However, between the camera gear, photo-editing PC and storage solutions, it is definitely an expensive hobby.


  • AGE 34
  • HERITAGE Greek
  • EDUCATION B.S. Georgia Tech, Computational Media (CS + Design)
  • INTERESTS reading, travel, finance, cars, running, photography, design, coffee, sushi, modern architecture, prototyping, a clean workspace, cooking
  • NICKNAME Stammy
  • FUN FACT Had my own Nike commercial



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