Day Seven

Walking the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto

On this rainy, cold and foggy day we decided to get a feel for the outskirts of Kyoto by walking a few miles to the Nanzen-ji temple.

Kyoto immediately began feeling like a different beast from Tokyo. Even in the middle of the city you can find prefectly preserved architecture and historic buildings.

Nanzen-ji 南禅寺

Eikandō 永観堂

After visiting Nanzen-ji and Eikando we caught up with the famous Philosopher's Path. It's a ~2km stone path along part of the Lake Biwa Canal connecting various temples, shrines. It's lined with sporadic intersections of restaurants and shops, but it's largely quiet and peaceful stroll.

It is said philosopher's would practice meditation while walking this route.


Ginkakuji 銀閣寺