Day Eleven

Mount Kōya

After a quick breakfast we asked our hotel to have a courier take our luggage to Osaka hotel where we would be staying the night after this night. It's quite common for hotels to use couriers to move luggage around for guests given there's not much space for luggage on trains.

Tonight though, we had plans to head to the Mount Kōya and stay in a Buddhist temple. We packed just a backpack and took a train from Shin-osaka station to Osaka, then took a train and bus to get to our destination.

Our lodging for the evening was a traditional Japenese ryokan style inn, Fudoin Temple. A monk led us to our room for the evening before we went back out to walk around Kōyasan.

Okunoin Cemetery

The largest cemetery in Japan rests atop Mount Kōya. Over 200,000 tombstones line this walk towards Kobo Daishi's mausoleum. Kobo Daishi was the founder of Shingon Buddhism. He introduced the religion to Japan in 805, starting in Kōyasan.

When we got back, we found the futon beds pulled out and made for us by the monks.