Day Twelve

Mount Koya and Osaka

I didn't get much sleep during the night. The Twitter IPO happened around 4am this morning so I tried to follow along with the little cell signal I had. Monks woke us up at 6:50am to go to a Buddhist morning ceremony before breakfast.

After checking out, we walked around Koyasan before departing for Osaka.

In Osaka we checked into Hotel Nikko then set off to walk around the city for a few hours. I put Osaka on our itinerary as I wanted to visit the Den-Den Town. More commonly known as Nipponbashi, the area is a popular shopping district and otaku hub, not unlike Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo.

We then took a train to Shin-Osaka station to meet some Twitter coworkers, Liz, Grace and Taito and then go to dinner at Ume no Hana in Nishishinsaibashi.

It's a traditonal, sit-on-the-floor-style Japanese restaurant that specialized in tofu dishes.