Beware the Elusive Pillow!

My day was totally ruined yesterday. There is about a 6 inch gap between the head of my bed frame and the wall due to the ethernet/cable jacks being right in the corner. My pillow frequently gets sucked into this blackhole every night. However, last night was quite different. My pillow fell into that gap with so much force that it knocked out two plugs from the wall socket also on that side of the wall. One of the plugged in items was my Airport Express which I use to wirelessly print to a LaserJet under the bed, and the other being the alarm clock. Thus, my alarm didn't go off and I woke up at 5:30PM missing the Tech vs. Wake football game (we won 30 - 17), breakfast, lunch, and was late to a burger cookout my friends were having for two of my friends' birthdays. Anyways, the night turned out well as we saw Jarhead, a fantastic movie that you should go see right now.