The Squire

I'm no stranger to keeping track of notes and documents across a myriad of apps, services and digital to-do lists. I use Notion, Apple Reminders app, Bear app, sometimes I use Ulysses, random plaintext TextEditor files and Google Docs.

But it really doesn't matter what I do with my digital documents as I always end up having some pen and paper on my desk at all times to take notes, quickly sketch designs and manage more to-do lists. I usually rely on plain printer paper or a Moleskine notebook.

I was wandering around SoHo in Manhattan a few weeks ago when I went to a small boutique pen and stationery store ("Goods for the Study" on Mulberry St). I eventually came across the BaronFig Squire and it was by far the best pen I had tried out there.

BaronFig Squire Pen
Stainless Steel BaronFig Squire

First off, it's a pricey pen. The stainless steel one I got is $95 but it starts at $55 for other metals and colors. But it has impeccable build quality: it's a twist-to-open style pen and there is absolutely no wiggling or play in the mechanism. It's also rather heavy which I appreciate. And finally the ink rolls out very smoothly, no matter what angle you're using it at.

BaronFig Squire Pen
It has this subtle sword graphic along with their logo, though I wish it was blank.

It uses "Parker capless" style ink refills and I was readily able to find a few styles of compatible ink refills on Schmidt P8126, Ohto Flash Dry PG-105NP, Uni SXR-600 Jetstream.

I purchased all of those refills looking for something slightly more fine but still ended up going back to the ink it came with (looked like a rebranded Schmidt P8126 anyways). My only complaint with it is that the default ink is ever so slightly too thick for my taste but I love how easily it comes out at all angles.