Seagate to Manufacture First 750GB Hard Drives

Daily Tech discovered that Seagate has leaked some information about their upcoming hard drives on their website regarding the Barracuda 7200.10 line. Apparently two versions of the massive 750GB hard drive will be offered; a serial-ata and a parallel-ata version. The SATA versions will include support for the SATAII standard's NCQ, Native Command Queueing, to provide faster and smarter disk access. Both drives also include a 5 year warranty as well as 16MB of cache.

As discussed last month, PMR technology will make an appearance to allow for such a massive amount of storage. Seagate claims this information is very early and things might change, which explains why the seek time was not posted. Seek time is an area of tension with drives that use PMR as the times are typically a bit longer.