Run OS X Widgets without a Mac

Have you ever been on a PC and had the secret desire to run all of those cool OS X dashboard widgets you see all the Mac bloggers talking about? Me neither, but Widgetop is a web service that allows users to do just that, regardless of what system they're running. It lets users arrange and run actual OS X widgets on a customizable dashboard called widgetop.

Widgetop server provides a complete and transparent hosted dashboard environment so most Apple dashboard widgets based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript (most widgets) run out of the box without requiring any API changes. Widgets tied to native Apple OSX functionality eg systems profilers tools like CPU and Disk gages etc are not supported.

Unfortunately, you can only choose to run widgets from their gallery, which currently only has 43. I wasn't able to find any of the widgets I rely on, such as Colourmod.


Personally, I don't think people have a use for something like Widgetop; it's slow and has an annoying interface. Services like Netvibes and Pageflakes may not offer the ability to run actual OS X widgets but they are more than capable for providing faster, web-friendly widgets within a slick environment.