Picking Up a PDA

I've found it very hard recently to get through two classes, at most, without wondering how many emails I have received (20-40/day is the norm) or if there are any new comments here. After looking at Blackberry and Treo solutions, I decided a PDA is the best and most cost effective. A Treo 700W would run ~70/month! Campus is drenched in Wi-Fi so a Wi-Fi enabled PDA is the best solution. I had looked at the Windows Mobile powered ones but I won't buy a Microsoft product so I quickly went to looking at Palms, the Apples of the PDA market. I've gone ahead and ordered myself a Palm 1044NA LifeDrive from NewEgg. What caught my eye was the 4GB hard drive - most PDA's don't have hard drives or anywhere near 4GB of storage. Oh and Bluetooth makes syncing with the Mac a breeze.

Now I'll be completely wired and able to keep up with everything... maybe even blog from the PDA! However, I have yet to see how powerful the web browser is. I plan on taking the PDA everywhere with me as it's so mobile, I rarely take my laptop anywhere these days - down the hall at most. What are your experiences with PDA's? Have any killer Palm apps I should know about? Drop a line.

Palm LifeDrive