Parallels Desktop Goes Final

Parallels Desktop, the top-notch OS X application that lets users run virtualized operating systems, has reached a final non-beta version. Current Parallels users that have already purchased Desktop won't have to pay for the update and will enjoy many new features, such as Vista compatibility, stable coherence mode and the ability to run an OS installed on a Boot Camp partition.

Here's the complete feature set from Parallels, whose site happens to be down at the moment.

Unfortunately, Parallels Desktop doesn't have much in the way of 3D acceleration yet. If you've been holding out for a stable release, now's the time to check it out. It goes for 79.99. I'm going to have to update my installation this evening and see if it can actually boot Vista installed on a Boot Camp partition. Update: It can't.

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"Parallels Desktop Goes Final" by @Stammy