On The Bleeding Edge

I have recently been keeping revisions of my shoddy coding practices with Subversion, which I ignored until I picked up a "Practical Subversion" book a few weeks ago. Naturally, I figured it only logical to expand this to my own WordPress installation, making WordPress updates as simple as a single SVN command. That's all kittens and daisies, but for some reason I thought it would be cool to update to trunk - the bleeding edge of typically unstable code.

Of course, I knew what I was getting into and wanted to try it out - WordPress 2.3-alpha (trunk as of now) has native support for tags. I have always had an issue with categorizing posts on this blog. I didn't want to have too many categories but then when I started having 50+ posts about Google or Apple, I felt those categories were necessary. Then there were the many posts which I had a hard time categorizing accurately. Now running WP2.3-alpha, I converted all of my categories into tags and will only use tags from now on.

As such, I ran around and changed this theme to support tags through the use of such handy WP template tags as wp_tag_cloud() and the_tags(). However, there are still a few issues: getting wp_tag_cloud to exclude a particular tag (such as 'uncategorized') and getting tag pages to actually say the name of the tag in the page title. (Update: I got tag pages to display the tag name with echo get_query_var('tag');.)

I guess the point of the post was, if you see anything funky around here, please drop me a line just in case I don't already know about it. As they say, when in Rome do as the Romans do and run trunk on a production site.