Microsoft Offers 44.6 Billion for Yahoo!

This very well might be one of those moments that defines tech news in 2008, especially if Yahoo! accepts Microsoft's 44.6 billion dollar offer. For the past few years Yahoo! has been suffering. In 2006, this became more widely known when Brad Garlinghouse's "Peanut Butter Manifesto" leaked out and everyone realized that Yahoo! was spreading itself too thin and not focusing in the vital aspects of the company.

Personally, I think it just might be the exit strategy Yahoo! needs after this week's announcement of layoffs. But even more so, Google would actually have real competition if Yahoo! and Microsoft teamed up. As much as I love Google, if they had real competition they would be under pressure to produce greater and better services and applications. The end result is that you benefit with greater products from both camps - Redmond-Sunnyvale and Mountain View. Or will they call it Redvale now?

Yahoo and Microsoft Founders

How do you think this might affect your favorite Yahoo!-owned properties, such as Flickr and Upcoming, if it does happen? Hopefully, Microsoft will have the sense to not touch those as they're doing fine on their own. Read more about this incredible breaking news at TechMeme.. you have many articles to chose from.

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