It's That Time Again

Yes, dead week and finals have reared their ugly and mischievous heads. This is just a little fyi for everyone about a slow down in posts for the next week or so. On campus, dead week is the term for the week before finals week, supposedely exempt of all assignments, and it generally portrays two main emotions about students. There are the students bogged down with projects and assignments that get no sleep and then there are the students with nothing that are generally happy, don't go to class, game all night or finish off their alcohol before their parents come up the next week. I am the student with lots of projects on my hands. Here's a list.

    Paul's Workload
  • Read Philip Caputo's 356 page Rumor of War for HIST2112
  • Create an Atari 2600 game in Batari Basic for LCC2700
  • Create an RPG for the GameBoy Advance for CS2260 - complete with animated sprites, scrolling backgrounds and tiles. You can see an overview of what I have here.
  • Complete a research paper on how podcasting is going to change the medium of radio and what new content, forms and relationships with audiences radio can build through podcasting.

When I have struggled with all of that and am hopefully still alive, I must study for HIST2112, CS2260 (this one scares me) and LCC2700 finals. Assuming all goes well and I do not have to retake any courses, my regular posting frequency will return quickly when all is done on May 5th. I'll be driving back to Texas starting early on May 6th. Hopefully I can fit everything in my car, otherwise I will be forced to sell off any superfluous items I have acquired during the year.

I'm not one to leave my readers empty handed so before you leave I want to give you some links to visit. CSS Reboot, of which I took part (albeit a bit early), is May 1st and over a thousand websites are rebooting and redesigning their websites. However that all means nothing if you haven't seen their websites before the reboot. Below are a list of top-notch weblogs participating in CSS Reboot. I encourage you to visit them before May 1st and then on or after May 1st. Also, feel free to comment on my reboot.