Back to School

Winter break is coming to an end and I'll be flying back to Atlanta tomorrow. I will be taking a much more hectic workload this semester so I'll see how that affects my post frequency. Worst comes to worst, I'll have the weekends to catch up on posts. I still have several great posts in mind, as well as finishing up my K2 Customization tutorials. For those of you interested, I'll be taking the following courses (but will likely drop one): Introduction to Computational Media, The United States since 1877, Media Device Architectures, Understanding and Constructing Proofs, Health Concepts and Strategies and Introduction to Media Studies. Media Device Architectures is the only that's scaring me right now, we'll see how it goes. It's the first time this course is being offered and aimed at advanced C coders. I have been approached to be a regular contributor for the Typical Mac User podcast, but I would need to find a microphone (suggestions?) and find out if I have the time this semester (not too likely). However, getting a microphone might be helpful - I could start using Skype with my friends.

Oh, and here are a few interesting stats: is a Top 20 Tech blog, a Top 5 Apple blog, a Top 5 CSS (...I don't talk about CSS that much do I?) blog, the number 1 College blog, the number 1 Modding blog, a Top 3 Computers blog, a Top 5 Software blog and in a few other categories on Technorati.

Before you leave, you have got to check out this new video streaming technology. Here is a demo You need to have a decent broadband connection and FlashPlayer 8, but the video quality is amazing for streaming. I hope we will see streaming movies like this in the future.