Your Tech at Night

In the middle of reading something for my design of online communities class in my dimly lit room, my mind began to wander and I started counting all the LEDs in my room. Like most people my age, my room is my office as well so I have all of my personal technology there.

How many LEDs are on in your room at night and what devices do they come from?

I count 19 LEDs from 8 devices:

It looks a little something like this. (not all LEDs visible from this angle)

Paul’s room at night

A twist on this question could be how loud is your tech at night. One of my friends sleeps with 2 1U servers under his bed and that's like having a hairdryer on in your room 24/7. Your regularly scheduled content will resume later this week after I deal with an exam or three.

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"Your Tech at Night" by @Stammy

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