Writing more

I'm going to try something different and write more short-form posts here.

Over the years my focus has been increasing the quality of my articles. They've ended up becoming increasingly time-consuming to create. The same goes for my photosets, which also often require a bit of custom design and development in addition to the many hours photo culling and editing.

While that will not change and I thoroughly enjoy spending months of spare time sharing details about subjects and projects that interest me, there's often a lot of stuff I would want to share here in between those ~annual, in-depth posts. These would be the types of posts that don't really meet my quality bar to deserve my typical long-form post process and treatment.

I want to get back to what blogging felt like when I started in 2005. Back when posting a few sentences and publishing it within the same computing session was so easy and fun. Where expectations were low and it didn't have to be perfect.

So I'm going to experiment with a section of my site for short little posts and updates. I want to share things I'm learning with Swift and Swift UI, how I'm thinking about certain design challenges with my side-projects, new products I'm using and more. I still plan to invest my time in long-form posts when it makes sense, but just want another outlet for different things.

As such, it felt like I would need to make a few layout changes for these posts to feel more casual and less refined. These short-form posts—which I don't have a name for yet—have smaller text, a narrower layout and generally less stuff. As of now I have a little module on the homepage for these, but may change how and where I display these posts.

Let me know what you think via Twitter or email as I try this out. These new posts will be incorporated into my existing RSS feed if you'd like to follow along there (I've been using NetNewsWire for RSS feeds lately).