WordPress.com Now Does Domains

Things just keep getting better for WordPress.com users. Back in August, the WordPress crew unveiled the custom CSS upgrade for WordPress.com bloggers. Now, WordPress.com users may use their own domain or register a new one to pair with their blog. The main result being that your blog will have its own domain and won't be bothered with using a WordPress.com subdomain.

WordPress.com Domains

Of course, this is a pay service and is brilliant for WordPress.com's business model. If you already own your own domain, mapping it will cost 10 per year. Alternatively you can choose to purchase a new domain through WordPress.com for 15 per year.

VIP hosting is another unique WordPress.com offering that has been around for exactly one month. Similar to the newly released domains feature, VIP hosted blogs receive the ability to use their own domain in addition to having a fully customizable WordPress account and load-balanced hosting.

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"WordPress.com Now Does Domains" by @Stammy