Wishing I Was at SXSW

Right now, tons of techies are having the time of their lives at South By Southwest, a convention of sorts that brings all many people together. People like Mike Rundle, Paul Scrivens, Matthew Oliphant, Bryan Veloso, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and Flock's Chris Messina. Thankfully, flickr is on my side and a quick trip to the SXSW2006 tag brings me a constantly updated feed of photos. One year I will make the pilgrimage to Austin, Texas where the festivities are held. If only my spring break wasn't the week after SXSW. 9rules is actually up for an award at SXSWi for best community, so we'll see who gets to take that prestigious prize home. It was actually one year ago around this time that the idea of the 9rules network was discussed over dinner with Paul Scrivens and Mike Rundle. I hope everyone at SXSW has a great time and maybe the 9rules team will come home with that trophy. =D

SXSW 9rules
Matthew Oliphant, Mike Rundle and Paul Scrivens of 9rules at SXSW 2006