Why I Enjoy Startup News

For the past 2 months, I have been visiting a new social bookmarking site called Startup News, a product of Paul Graham's Y Combinator. Startup News is exemplary proof that small-scale, niche social bookmarking sites can work exceedingly well. As you might expect, Startup News is limited to (tech) startups, business and related programming articles.

The site has a simple Reddit-style interface (I believe it is Reddit software considering Reddit started as a Y Combinator venture) and a dedicated group of users that post and comment on quality articles and issues. For those that aren't into the whole startup scene, Y Combinator selects viable early-stage startups (typically comprised of young, bright college-aged coders) and helps them get on their feet with funding.

Startup News

If you have any interest in tech startups or coding, Startup News is definitely a site to check out. I wasn't paid for this post nor do I know anyone at Y Combinator, I just really enjoy this site. I'm in a situation where I'm not sure whether I want to pursue a job first thing out of college or do the startup thing, so Startup News has given me more insight into the startup world.

What are your thoughts on creating/working for startups? Another option might be working for a startup that is part of an incubator in a bigger company if you enjoy the startup life but would rather have the financial stability. For example, Yahoo! has Brickhouse.