Why Digg is Done and Newsvine Isn't

Ron over at CaveMonkey50 has a great editorial talking about digg and Newsvine. Digg used to be great but right now it is just seen as a group of immature kids that flame and spam everything. Read this article and leave a comment, I think the masses need to hear this one. If only Kevin Rose could read this article and try to stop the corruption of Digg. Anyone that has had an article or something on digg will know what I'm talking about. Diggers won't even click on the article before giving their negative feedback and reporting it as lame. And apparently they don't like blogs at all, regardless of content; they think of blogs as just online diaries... quite the contrary.

Somewhere over the past six months Digg has lost its way. Digg is no longer the place to read tech news, it’s the place to find out what’s going on, on the internet. It’s where you go to post the 50th “dupe” comment. It’s the site to vote down the good stories and digg the stories that have nothing but a picture. It’s where you go to argue Mac vs PC or Firefox vs Opera on every single story, whether its relevant or not.