Why Being an Early Adopter Sucks, Dell Edition

Over the summer I invested in a 30-inch Dell LCD to complement my primary and only computer, my MacBook Pro, with money from having sold a little web app. While I wasn't a true early adopter as the 3007WFP had been out for about a year at the time, my version didn't really have any real feature updates. Then I read the Inquirer's piece on the 3007WFP-HC's replacement, the 3008WFP.

Up until recently, I have had no issues with my 3007WFP-HC. It has great color, great brightness, great resolution and everything. The problems came when I tried to use the display with other devices. It lacks an on-board image processor and can only accept 2 resolutions (2560x1600 and 1280x800 - neither of which are true HD) via 1 DVI connection, which is utterly paltry compared to the slew of inputs on the 24-inch Dell display. That's pretty ridiculous for Dell's most expensive display. It seems like they've come to their senses with the 3008WFP, which has a bevy of connections for those looking to use the large display with something other than a computer.

Dell 3008WFP

This is quite a painful realization for any early adopter, especially when those connections include HDMI and the rare DisplayPort. The 3008WFP is now the ultimate display for the person that only has room for one display; people living in a small SF studio and the like. It'll deal with computer stuff, HD-DVD/Bluray player needs and so on.

What bad early adopter experiences have you had?