What's to Come

Most bloggers don't do this, but I'm not most bloggers. Here's what I have planned for the near future (after my CS midterm tuesday and maybe some other school obstacles) for this blog... I will be taking a look at Box.net's new online filesharing service, which combines Web 2.0 (things like lightbox coding as featured in 30Boxes' calendar) and online storage. You can beat me to it and signup for an account with my invitation referral link. I'm also considering reviewing the Democracy Internet TV player that captures video content from your favorite feeds and plays them with a lightweight media player, much more suitable for video podcasts than say iTunes. Democracy was created by a non-profit organization which 9ruler Matt Brett works for. I've got a lot of ideas in my head, but making them happen is the hard part. For example, I've been sitting on the idea of an article about backing up your MySQL database with Apache server logs for quite some time. You can also expect a top-notch Mac article written by me and Mr. 123MacMini.com, but I won't disclose what that's about just yet. I was going to post a video of some hilarious Apple Keynote bloopers, but I didn't deem it important enough for a post, so I'll let you check it at Tauquil's place, another great K2 hacker and K2 forum moderator along with me. I also have a few ideas for a customizing K2 part four article, but that will be some time away.