What's That Smell?

Burned laptop is the aroma currently in the air at the library as of now. A while ago, some guy's laptop 20 feet or so away from me started overheating profusely and sounding its own overheating alarm or something. Fortunately the guy was smart enough to realize what was going on and he promptly flipped the laptop over and took the battery out.

Why was I at the library you ask? Since we recently moved Comcast has yet to connect our cable line at the new place so the library is the only place to get a fast connection. During not so urgent times, I am able to get online via Cingular's EDGE network through a Sony SZ330 laptop (I'll explain why I have this PC soon enough) with an integrated WWAN adapter.

What happened to using the Motorola Q and its EVDO you might ponder? This weekend I ditched Verizon Wireless and went back to my beloved Cingular, picking up a cheap and small Pantech C300 (which by the way has a very weak speaker) along the way. Speaking of cell phones, there is a cell phone tower in the backyard of our new place. It might give me cancer, but dammit I'll have amazing reception!

The rest of this week I will be fully utilizing Georgia Tech's resources by taking hot showers at the gym. Apparently Chris forgot to tell Georgia Natural Gas to turn our service back on and it will take them a while to get out here.

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"What's That Smell?" by @Stammy

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