Venture Capitalists Invest 2.8M in Digg

My favorite social bookmarking and technology news website, Digg, is about to get a whole lot better. This is because some big names have invested 2.8 million dollars into Digg, which has been rapidly growing since its inception. Investors included the co-founder of eBay and Netscape. I hope this means that they will have the money get more servers as Digg has been fairly slow recently. This is fantastic news. You can read the article here and the Digg for the article here.

Here's what one of the Digg founders and former TechTV show host, Kevin Rose had to say in regards to questions raised:

The biggest problem we have faced so far is keeping up with growth. This gives us some money to buy more servers (just ordered 12) and hire a few more developers to help Owen out. Once we get rolling, expect to see new features more often.

And don't worry, we still control the company. This wasn't some kind of crazy takeover, just an investment by some cool folks that believe in the digg community.

..and no guys - I don't get the money, it goes to the company to help us grow :P

There will be no crazy ads all over the place, all decisions involving the site we control. While it may seem like a lot of money, once you hire a DBA, 3-4 developers, QA guy, designer, get a small office, and plan on buying over 100 servers in the next 6 months - it works out.

This will ensure that digg will continue to keep up with growth and add new features. I have a list of 20 features Owen is starting to work on. If you like digg now, wait till you see the stuff we have planned..