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Twitter Review: New Gmail iPhone app

Google recently released a new iPhone app for Gmail this week to much fanfare. After the third blog post citing how "slick" it was, I gave it a go myself. I currently use Sparrow for email on my iPhone. After having it installed for 5 minutes, I asked the Twitterverse what they think:

New Gmail iPhone app: discuss. I think the font-weight is too light. I want to read my email, not frame it and put it in an art gallery.

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Gmail iphone app
Gmail for iOS (Some email entries photoshopped out for obvious reasons)

The Verdict

@Stammy It is hard to distinguish what is a read/unread message. Thats my biggest complaint,
@Stammy I agree with you on font-weight. Overall I like the UX. Easy to get around quickly.
@Stammy Indeed. I ended up switching back to because it lagged way too many times. Oh, its a web app too.
@Stammy Too many loading screens (not sure if/when it caches content), too many clicks to switch accounts. Looks pretty but didn't last.
@Stammy Feels like a non-native app. Not fluid at all. Not cool.
@Stammy agreed, too artsy! I don't like that I can't get to "all mail" quickly with all my labels.
@Stammy One of the only few problems I have with it. Love it for the most part, though..
@Stammy yeah - looks good, but too many alerts for my 6 email accounts constantly checking for mail - i've uninstalled
@Stammy too metro for me. not having unified inbox was the killer.
@Stammy I personally like the new Gmail iOS app. The font is a little hard to read, but it doesn't hinder my experience
@Stammy it’s pretty good overall

What do you think? What's your main mobile email client of choice?

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"Twitter Review: New Gmail iPhone app" by @Stammy

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