Transmit Gets S3 Support

Transmit, my favorite FTP client for OS X, can now connect to Amazon S3 accounts. I never saw this coming but it only makes sense with more and more people using the affordable S3 as a static file host and personal file server. This quite literally makes my day, thank you Cabel and crew.

Transmit S3 Support

The only issue I can find with Transmit's S3 support is opening a bucket with a ton of files in it - such as one's Bandwagon bucket. Transmit just seems to hang. Another new inclusion in version 3.6, a free upgrade for all registered Transmit 3 owners, is remote URL field in favorites:

Copy an uploaded item's URL to the clipboard, and preview an item in a web browser.

Sounds handy.

I'm all up for making it easier to use Amazon S3 and now that it is supported in Transmit, where I spend most of my time FTP'd into personal and client servers editing files with TextMate, my workflow won't be interrupted should I need to check something on my S3 account. That and my previous method of S3 transfers was carried out with S3fox, a Firefox extension. Given Firefox's stability, I never felt comfortable uploading or downloading gigabytes through it.

As long as I'm praising Amazon S3 for the 42nd time, I might as well point you to older S3 praise pieces: