Top Web 2.0 Moments

ZDNet put together a great list of the top Web 2.0 moments of 2005. Check out the article.

It's been a huge year for the Web! A time of renewed optimism in Silicon Valley and an incredible number of new web applications. In a sense it all started with Google's IPO in August 2004, the success of which was a positive and affirming lead-in to 2005. We then witnessed a renaissance of startup activity, acquisitions and intense VC interest in the Web throughout the year. Here then is my list of the top ten defining moments for the Web in 2005.

Here's the list.

10. Bloglines acquired by Ask Jeeves
9. The return of Amazon
8. Microsoft introduces SSE
7. AJAX Craze
6. Social Bookmarking sites massively grow
5. Google Base released
4. Yahoo! Buys Flickr
3. eBay bought Skype
2. Microsoft announced Live
1. Web 2.0 Conference