Top 5 Most Promising Programming Technologies

Everytime I open up my browser, I always find some amazing new web-application that just makes me wonder what else can be done. Riveting new programming technologies are paving the way for a more user-friendly and pain-free online experience. Here are my picks for most promising programming technologies.

5)  MySQL 5

You need a fast and efficient way to store all of that data. It can't hurt that MySQL 5 supports distributed transactions, stored procedures, triggers, views and pluggable storage engines.

4)  PHP5

Improved error handling, xml and database support make PHP5 a viable candidate for next-gen applications. PHP5 makes things like the Symfony Project possible.

3)  TurboGears

This one came out of nowhere. While Ruby on Rails is Sustainable productivity for web-application development, TurboGears is ultra-productivity. TurboGears, based upon Python, is among king when it comes to rapid web-application development, being cited as creating a wiki application in only 20 minutes. One thing's askew though, no one has heard of TurboGears. This may hinder its lifespan and emerging popularity in the future.

2)  AJAX

Needing no introduction, Asynchronous Javascript and XML, easily gains a high spot. Almost every dynamic web application being released today uses some form of AJAX. Remember that lovely RoundCube webmail client? Yeah, it used AJAX. Betcha didn't know Gmail and Google Maps used AJAX. However, AJAX is undergoing some extreme hype right now... how will this affect its credibility as a solid web-framework in the long run?

1)  Ruby on Rails

Amazing database support and easy learnability usher this full-stack framework to the top of my chart. Ruby on Rails sports some outstanding clientele, ensuring rapid and solid scalability in any environment. (If you are wondering why Ruby on Rails beats TurboGears... it's because TurboGears is too new and doesn't have any great examples to show for it.)