Time Lapse Video of Downtown Atlanta

I put my old school Firewire iSight to good use by recording a time lapse video of downtown Atlanta, as seen from my bedroom window. I started recording at 3am last night and stopped it at 10pm tonight. I used the iSight's magnetic base with the metal stand from a Logitech speaker to fasten it to the window, although it started to slowly tilt throughout the day. Like my other time lapse videos, this was recorded with Gawker.

Downtown Atlanta
The leftmost building is Bell South HQ and the tallest building is Bank of America HQ, which was designed by a Georgia Tech alumni, hence our school colors of white and gold used at the top.

Video: Atlanta Timelapse from Paul on Vimeo

Paul StamatiouPaul Stamatiou

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"Time Lapse Video of Downtown Atlanta" by @Stammy