The Apple Special Event

I was hesitant about blogging about this, as seemingly everyone has already heard that Apple will be holding a special event on February 28th. I thought I would take a different stance and ask everyone what they think Apple will unveil at this event. My prediction includes a 13.3" iBook (named simply MacBook not MacBook Pro) with a single-core Intel Yonah processor and accompanying mobile chipset with integrated iSight and Front Row. I'm not so sure if Front Row would make it in, but it would sure be nice. The reason I think a MacBook is coming is that I believe Apple wants to get their money makers out the door first. Mobile macs provide for a huge portion of Apple's income once you set their iPod profits aside. That being said, the Mac Mini and PowerMac likely will not get revamped and transformed into Intel powerhouses until the summer, likely WWDC in June. Let me know what you are expecting or hoping for Apple to pull off.

A little off topic, but today I had my first iChat conversation. Some people had been bugging me to get a microphone for a long time and I finally got around to picking one up (although it is fairly subpar and dinky). Apparently, now I have to get an iSight, egh.

Colin Devroe is on the right, happy with his new mouse.