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I had no idea how many of you guys used coComment, the web service that lets you track and share your conversations, until I recently checked out the coComment Sites page. That page lists the websites with the most coComment-tracked comments and surprisingly is currently on the top 20 list, with digg dominating most of the list.

Most coComments

If you aren't familiar with coComment, a free account lets you track and share your conversations on just about every site whether it be flickr, digg or a WordPress-powered blog. It wasn't until coComment was given a major revamp a few months ago that I started using it again. Instead of using a bookmarklet before I submit every comment, I have a Firefox extension that does everything for me. If you have ever wondered about that bar that loads inside of my comment form, it is a bit of coComment integration to ensure that your comments are always tracked properly.

It was exactly two months ago today that I introduced you to a similar comment tracking solution, Commentful.

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"Thanks for coCommenting" by @Stammy