TAG Top 40 Gearing Up in Atlanta

There aren't too many notable annual tech events in Atlanta (okay I lied there are all of these and SoCon) but one of the big names is the Technology Association of Georgia's annual summit and Top 40 competition. The competition selects forty of the most innovative Georgia-based and technology-focused companies. Unlike all of the business plan competitions floating around, the TAG Top 40 competition judges companies based on their "degree of innovation, scope and financial impact of innovation, likelihood of success, and promotion of Georgia's innovative efforts nationally and international" as selection committee member Stephen Fleming put it.

Technology Association of GeorgiaWith that being said, I have recently been added as the 15th TAG Top 40 selection committee member and will aid in reviewing applicants. If you think your Georgia-based company matches the criteria above, the Top 40 application deadline (the largest Wufoo form I've ever seen) is February 1st.

Companies selected to be in the Top 40 will make an appearance at the showcase at the massive Georgia Technology Summit on March 3rd. Out of those Top 40 innovative companies, the Top 10 will have their shot to present their companies to Summit attendees.

So why limit it at 40 innovative companies? TAG Top 40 Chair Dennis Zakas told me the story of how it all got started. The first competition only had enough floor space for 40 companies and it has been like that ever since.

Do you know any other competitions like the TAG Top 40 outside of Georgia?