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A 2020 11" iPad Pro with LTE and Magic Keyboard

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I can't imagine not having my iPad Pro. I use it to read and catch up on news every morning and evening. I use it to organize thoughts, write notes and draft up blog posts. I use it to watch movies while traveling. It's the perfect companion. I opted for the LTE model, which I use with a Google Fi data-only SIM card. I wrote an article about how I use the iPad Pro.

After just over 2 years with the TouchID 12.9" iPad Pro I decided to upgrade to the newer 4th gen 2020 model. While my first iPad Pro was still plenty fast I wanted to try something different: a smaller iPad Pro and one with an LTE modem so I could use it more easily outside the house without using my phone's Wi-Fi hotspot.

Going from a TouchID-generation 12.9" iPad Pro to a newer 11" iPad Pro with FaceID and a much thinner bezel is quite a change. While I enjoyed the large display on the last model, the added thickness from the bezel ended up getting annoying over the years, especially when stuffing in my backpack.

The new 11" iPad Pro changed a few things for me. The form factor is a bit more convenient and I find myself using it a good bit more, even for small things as it's less of a hassle to grab and setup.

Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet

11" iPad Pro

Space Gray 2020 4th gen, FaceID, 256GB, with LTE. This replaced my 2018 12.9" iPad Pro and I wanted to mix it up and try the smaller 11" model with LTE.

Apple Pencil 2 for iPad Pro, White

Apple Pencil 2

Tilt & pressure sensitive. Double-tap to switch modes. Magnetically attaches to iPad Pro to charge.

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Backlit keyboard with a trackpad featuring a floating cantilever design that magnetically attaches to the iPad Pro and provides an additional USB-C port (though only pass-through for charging the iPad).

Second, the magic keyboard with trackpad really changes things. The keys are easier to type on than the last generation iPad Pro keyboard and it's easier to setup—just move the iPad Pro near the magic keyboard and strong magnets snap it into place. The last keyboard required a bit more finesse and some occasional reseating to get the connection to work. And of course then there is the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard, making it effortless to use a pointer when it makes sense, especially when doing lots of text editing.

The keyboard is not without its flaws though. The backlight for keys is not easy to control. It will automatically turn off with inactivity or certain tasks but other than that you can only control it by doing deep into settings. It would be nice if there was a control center widget to toggle the key backlight. My other nitpick with the keyboard is that I wish I could angle the iPad Pro up a bit more.

And finally, I find myself using the Apple Pencil a lot more than I used to with my old iPad Pro—purely from the Pencil being magnetically docked right atop the iPad Pro. It's so convenient now.