Another SSD Failure

As the title implies, one of my SSDs is pretty much dead. I had a few random kernel panics and system freezing over the last week, then today the screen flickered, turned red and the system froze (though music was still playing).

I quickly went to disk utility to repair permissions and the disk, without luck. I booted to the OS X Snow Leopard disk and tried running disk utility again and it still had errors. I'm not going to trust this SSD anymore. I wasn't even able to run anything Spotlight or Time Machine related, though through some magic Carbon Copy Cloner ran without issue.

I cloned this drive (80GB Intel X25-M) onto the other X25-M I had installed in place of my optical drive. I am currently using the other X25-M for the time being; Chris (SolidFire SSD engineer/codemonkey) told me to wait a month until the SandForce 2500-based SSDs like the OCZ Vertex 3 Pro go on sale instead of purchasing a last generation replacement SSD now.

Intel X25m SSD corrupt

Well, I knew something like this would happen eventually after my SSD degradation post so it's not a big surprise. I was extremely lucky that I split up my RAID array two weeks ago when deciding to start fresh with a new OS X install.

Just the price early adopters have to pay! For those curious, the drive in question was a "G2GC" variant. I'm going to contact Intel and see if I can get an RMA. That's how I got this drive in the first place.. my first generation X25-M died after 9 months and they gave me this one.