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Disclosure: I was paid 231 for this post and it's something I would have never covered on my own. I only accepted this review due to the ~100k worth of student loans in my name. GetWebContent.com is a copywriting service that connects you with web content writers experienced in producing search engine optimized copy. Unlike other services in this field, GetWebContent sells unique content to each customer - that is, multiple people won't have the same copy which results in decreased search engine rankings. Due to the full-service characteristics of GetWebContent's offerings, copy is rather expensive; "small articles, such as blog entries, can cost as little as 89."

My first impression was that this service seems rather shady, as do many of these SEO-centric Internet marketing companies. As it turns out, GetWebContent is owned by Atlanta-based Creative NetVentures - a company that owns many links and gambling-oriented web properties. Enough said.

GetWebContent has a few pages on their website detailing why they are worth the cost and even display an example of before and after their SEO work on copy. In my opinion, the before SEO copy was much less spammy looking. The "after" SEO copy is more than twice as long, a no-no in terms of web standards where the rule of thumb is cut your copy in half, then do it again.

This service is made for people that have just started a site, or maintain one with little strength in terms of search engine ranking. But my question is - who's going to pay 89 per post or more? My suggestion, hire a college student to do it for 5-10 per little blurb posting and maybe 50 for each sizable post. Even if it's not optimized for search engines, it's damn cheap.

But that's just me. GetWebContent goes in detail when stating that their content writers are professionals.

Our writers are professional Web-content creators. Between them they have written over 10,000 pages of Web copy for major companies, such as Panasonic, Wired News, LASplash, Honda, InfoWeek, CNET, Hitachi, Fuji, and Sonos, as well as small-business entrepreneurial sites operated by local furniture and appliance dealers, motorcycle aftermarket e-tailers, car rental companies, Realtors, mail-order malls, artists, photographers, crafters, and time-share developers.

One thing that caught my eye was that GetWebContent actually pairs you with a content specialist to find out exactly the kind of copy you need - so at least the content is relevant for your situation. Another thing that is assuring is payment is accepted in 2 parts - 50% when you order it and then 50% when you receive the content and are pleased with it.

In the event the deliverable fails to meet the specifics in the memorandum, it will be corrected - and completely rewritten, if necessary -- at no cost to the client.

Maybe someone will find their service interesting but I come from the land of "everything on my site is done by me as it's like my psuedo-portfolio" and couldn't even fathom hiring someone else to write for me, so I'm obviously biased. Would you ever use a service like this? If you're going to spend that kind of money for professional copy, why not just post something on the 37signals job/gig boards looking for a motivated, experienced copywriter?

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"Sponsored Review: GetWebContent.com" by @Stammy

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