Recap: BlogWorld Expo 2009

TechDrawl, an up and coming Atlanta-based blog representing technology, startups and entrepreneurs in the US census South (D.C. to Texas), often helps out local entrepreneurs with things like attending conferences that interest them through holding fundraisers on the site. When I made the rather last minute decision to attend BlogWorld this year (people like Andrew Hyde told me it was a must-attend event), I scrambled to make arrangements. Fortunately, I was approved for a full access media pass (worth some 1200), thanks to the credentials of this blog, but did not have the means at such short notice for providing for airfare and hotel costs.

That's where TechDrawl swooped in to help out and raised over $850 through the generosity of many entrepreneurs and techies that donated. In addition, TechDrawl's sponsor AirTran provided me with first class airfare to Las Vegas, where BlogWorld was being held. While the Atlanta area is behind Silicon Valley in terms of venture-funded Internet startup deals and all of that nonsense, Atlanta definitely has a strong tech community that I have had the pleasure of seeing grow in the last 3 years. What other communities band together like this to help out fellow entrepreneurs?

Paul Stamatiou with Adam Carolla and Scott Monty at BlogWorld Expo 2009
Yours truly with celebrity Adam Carolla and Scott Monty, head of Ford's social media efforts.


Have you ever been to BlogWorld Expo? How about Vegas? Thoughts?