If you're reading this in your favorite RSS aggregator, now might be a good time to visit the site. Stemming from what appeared to be boredom, I took the liberty (and 8 hours) to "realign" around here. The goal with this design was to have a lightweight, minimal and accessible design. I had started to get the feeling that the old design was a slight mixture of ugly and not user friendly. Hopefully this one solves all of those problems or makes them easier to tolerate. I'm still somewhat in the brainstorming phase, so if you have an ideas or feedback let me know.

I have yet to test it in Internet Explorer so please spare me the death threats. When designing this site, or shall I say realigning, several other sites I've tagged as minimal and simplistic influenced me: PJ Hyett, Cameron Olthuis, 43Folders, Vague Dream, 37Signals SVN and the Flickr Blog.