3.5 hour ferry
2 days
1,135 photos taken

Folegandros is a tiny island in the Aegean with less than 800 inhabitants.

Life felt slower and more relaxed here with less going on. While still bustling with tourists, it was largely other Greek tourists.

Naxos to Folegandros

Due to high winds and choppy waters our boat from Naxos was delayed about 8 hours. We left at midnight and arrived close to 4am.

It was the worst boat ride I have ever experienced — hot inside the cabin and swaying dramatically — and I'm not the type to get seasick. Despite the odd hour, our hotel staff picked us up from the Karavostásis port.

Before venturing out to Chora, the main town, I stopped by this place for an amazing σπανακόπιτα (spinach pie).

Η εκκλησία της Παναγίας

From most parts of Chora you can see the Church of Panagia resting high up on the rocky hills. We decided to trek up the zigzagged path for a better view of Chora.


We walked back through Chora to our hotel, watched the sunset and took an evening nap before heading back to see what the nightlife was like on this much smaller island.

The night scene here was more around tavernas than bars like the previous islands. I recognized many folks from our ferry to Folegandros since there was such little traffic to the island.

Below you can see a video of an older Greek man playing with his traditional κομπολόι (kombolói). They're usually tossed around to pass time and in some cases for good luck.


On our last day we took a boat to Katergo, the most famous beach on the island. Accessible by boat or a strenuous mountain hike, Katergo beach is a bit remote and and uncrowded; the water is pristine.

After roasting for 3 hours at the beach, we made our way back to Chora and then walked to our hotel to get our luggage. We then headed to the Karavostasis port to catch our evening ferry to Athens.