Day Three

A day in Marseille

2nd April '14
13.1 miles walked
275 photos taken

After a few days getting to know Paris, Anand and I decided to mix it up with a day trip. Initially I wanted to visit Nice, but it wasn't accessible solely on the fast TGV trains, and would take 5 hours just to get there. Instead we decided on Marseille, given that it was only a 3 hour train ride away.

We woke up early at 5:30am and were at the Paris-Gare de Lyon train station by 6. We got our tickets for a 7:11am TGV and had breakfast in the station.

We arrived at 10:30am and walked around the harbor and port area for a while before finding lunch near the Joliette Docks.

By this point, we had been walking for a few hours and it was getting hot. We turned around back to the city center to cool off and get an iced coffee.

Then we walked to the top of the city to see the great views from the Notre-Dame de la Garde.