Philips Announces Partnership with MSN

Philips has recently added some spice to online trailers after a partnership launched with MSN. Philips and MSN unveiled a website showcasing trailers with Ambilight functionality. Philips is well-known for their Ambilight series of televisions that emit a halo of light behind the set according to the dominant colors on-screen, dramatically enhancing the viewing experience. Engadget's Ryan Block has an Ambilight tv, so it must be good.

Philips Ambilight Trailers
Philips Ambilight Trailers
Incorporating Philips’ proprietary ambient backlighting technology, fans can experience forthcoming attractions in full Ambilight, with the captivating halo drawing viewers into scenes like no other online video player.

This first ever online Ambilight movie experience projects the complete range of color and intensity users would expect to realize on the big screen, with viewers able to stream movie trailers either in vivid high definition or as standard definition, both with complete smoothness and quality. Movie fans can also share film trailer links via e-mail and even to post clips to Windows Live Spaces.

To me this doesn't seem to be more than a way for Philips to spread awareness about their Ambilight technology. Also, the trailers they claim to be HD are significantly lower quality (800x600 when I tried it) to make room for the faux Ambilight display. You can also tell the trailers site was not meant to be a full out website for everything trailers, as compared to the superb Apple trailers page. Just another ad campaign in my eyes.

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"Philips Announces Partnership with MSN" by @Stammy