Particletree Treehouse

I recently stumbled upon a great member of the 9rules blog network, ParticleTree. They have a great online publication called TreeHouse, covering all aspects of the web development community and more. The first issue is free, so go download it and maybe you'll be interested purchasing six months for fifteen bucks. I was compelled to try it out after discovering that the free issue had an interview with Shaun Inman, or Mr. Mint, and Paul Scrivens, the CEO of the 9rules network.
Aesthetically, TreeHouse is stunning. I thorougly enjoyed the pertinent links laden within each article as well as the 5 links after each main section: code, design, and business. There is also a page in each issue laying out the important bits of news in the 9rules community. I'll leave you with some quotes from the first issue.

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