Partial vs Full RSS Feeds

Jon from MondayByNoon has some lively conversation on his latest post which weighs the pros and cons of using full and partial RSS feeds for syndication. In a nutshell, full feeds are awesome for the user in terms of reading content and not having to visit the site if they don't want to/have the time. However, it makes it extremely easy for spammers to aggregate your content for their malevolent ways. Partial feeds are more spammer-proof yet they might annoy your readers.

I have always used full feeds for, but I have run into many, many cases where spammers have used my feed on their advertisement-ridden site. These instances are headaches to say the least. Sometimes they can be solved with strongly-worded emails to the copyright-infringing author, where as other times you need to hit them where it hurts and contact their advertisers. (Check out the incident where A-list blogger Robert Scoble accused Cornell super-blogger Elliott Back of stealing his content and Scoble got Google to take Elliott's ads down.) Regardless, it takes time from me that I could have been better spent whipping up a great post.

Out of pure curiosity, would you guys get annoyed if I switched to partial feeds?