OpenDNS's PhishTank Kicking Ass and Taking Names

OpenDNS's PhishTank just made their stats for November public and the results are great. There have been over 93,000 votes by PhishTank users to validate 9,628 phishes out of 18,130 phishes submitted. PhishTank, which I covered thoroughly on their October 2nd launch, is a free community where anyone can submit, verify, track and share phishing data. Developers love PhishTank as it lets them access PhishTank's phishing data through an open API. In fact, PhishTank was used by Mozilla to compare phishing protection in Firefox 2.0 to Internet Explorer 7.

PhishTank November Stats

South Korea hosted the most phishing sites at a whopping 39% with Barclays Bank, PayPal, eBay, Fifth Third Bank and Wells Fargo being the overall most popular targets.

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"OpenDNS's PhishTank Kicking Ass and Taking Names" by @Stammy

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