Next Stop Sunnyvale

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Yahoo! through my website. At first I just thought it was another piece of spam, but out of curiousity I replied to the email. Sure enough, the response I got did not contain a spoofed email header and seemed to be legit. Yahoo! wanted to let me know about a new internship opening. After several phone calls, dozens of emails and a pile of paper work, everything has worked out. This Friday I will be heading to Sunnyvale, California to work for Yahoo! as a Blogger Intern. I can't exactly say what I'll be doing yet, but I'll be sure to give you guys the link to whatever I'm working on over there. As for what's going to happen on this front, I will still be blogging here with the time that I find after work. But until I find my bearings, posting here might be erratic at best.

I think the best part of this experience, apart from visiting California for the first time, will be the networking I will be doing there. Meeting new people as well as people that I have previously met online. Aside from intern work, there will be a lot to do. I plan to attend at least part of BarCamp San Francisco, go to the Flock headquarters, meet Bryan Veloso, Chris Messina, some 9rulers and many other influential tech people. I would also like to venture out, see the Golden Gate bridge and perhaps Apple and Google HQ... typical tourist stuff. If you know of any cool things I must see, do, eat or buy while in the San Francisco/Sunnyvale area please drop a comment.