Next Apple Displays to Have iSight/IR

Dennis at MacsimumNews speculates about something that has been running in my mind a lot recently, the next Apple Cinema Displays. The current trend with every new Intel Mac has been integrated iSight (except Mac Mini) and Front Row with a remote control. The only computer left to receive an Intelizing is the PowerMac, which is assumed to receive the "Mac Pro" moniker.

It makes sense that Apple wouldn't let its highest paying Mac Pro customers miss out on the iSight and Front Row experience. For that to happen, everyone has been assuming that the next ACD's will include integrated iSight and infrared (for the remote) capabilities. Unfortunately, this means the current ACD's will be phased out to make way for the new models and I just got a 20 inch ACD a few months ago. However, I await the new designs which might be styled to match the new Mac Pro that has been verified to sport a new case. More Mac Pro, OS X 10.5 Leopard and possibly Cinema Display information will become available at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) taking place in early August at San Francisco's Moscone West (which I saw this past weekend).