Newshutch - The Slick RSS Aggregator

Thanks to Kevin, I just found out about Newshutch. Once I signed up for an account and logged in for the first time, I knew Newshutch was not like any other online RSS aggregator I have ever used. First off, it has the hands-down most amazing design, slick interface and JS effects. Yes, it's all AJAX-ified and the coders knew what they were doing because it is FAST. Much faster than FeedLounge, which is also AJAX enabled. With Newshutch there are no page loads, it's all done gracefully live in real time and switching amongst feeds has a nice fade effect.

Currently, there aren't really any options for how you want to view your feeds so that means you have to deal with the summary view. However, I think I'll be playing with this more. Definitely a 10 when it comes to WOW factor. Check out Newshutch.