New OS X App From Panic Tomorrow?

The blog MacApper has posted an "exclusive" review of an OS X application by Panic Inc. called Coda that is purported to be released Monday. I do think that something will be released, especially since Cabel from Panic was looking for beta testers a while back. From what I read, Coda is an all-in-one FTP/editor-type application. Initially this reminded me of skEdit but Panic goes far further than that.

Coda handles FTP transfers, comes with a fully-featured editor capable of syntax highlighting for common programming languages and an integrated CSS editor (think CSSEdit or the CSS tool in Adobe GoLive). Continuing with the feature list, Coda lets you open a terminal within it as well as view live previews of your website in addition to something called books. To the best of my knowledge, the books feature is something like a manual for various languages. Ideally, you wouldn't need to resort to to find out how to use something like say checkdnsrr() when writing an email verification script.

It appears as though Panic is targeting a specific type of web development user with Coda, if that is in fact the name of this application. The application seems to be designed as a one stop (development) shop. I can see a Coda user being a beginner to novice developer but I don't think professionals will be bothering with this. I think Coda is trying to be too much.. I mean integrated terminal? Is having a separate terminal window open so bad? Also, once you go TextMate, you'll never go back.

My development work flow involves TextMate, Transmit and a browser - nothing more, nothing less. Regardless, I'll be interested in trying this app out for myself. Cabel, how about floating me a review copy like last time?

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