New iTS Feature: Complete My Album

By popular demand, Apple has introduced a new and extremely useful feature called Complete My Album into iTS. Frequent iTunes Store buyers will have no doubt found themselves in the predicament when they've bought a single for a yet to be released album. A few weeks or months later, that album comes out and you find that you like it and want to purchase it.. only to have wasted that dollar on the single that you'll be receiving again in the complete album.

Looking through the 725 items in my purchased playlist (many were from that free song deal through facebook), I have 7 duplicate songs from this exact issue. That's 6.93 not in my pocket. I am thoroughly pleased with this new feature and am sure it will come in handy in the future. Others, however, think this is a ploy by the record corporations to get people to buy music they don't really care for.

I'm going to guess that the record companies are behind this "feature" and not Apple, as the latter have always promoted single-track purchases, and the former have not.
iTunes Store Complete My Album

There is a slight catch though. You can only use Complete My Album within 180 days of the single purchase. If you want to give Complete My Album a try, head over to the iTunes Store and click on the banner. On the Complete My Album page, the albums you can complete are listed for you. How much money would you have saved if this feature was implemented in the iTunes Store much earlier?