Nationwide Insures Your Music

Some interesting news comes today from The Independent, stating that Nationwide Insurance will be the first company to insure your digital music. It's about time insurance companies got up to speed with technology. If your computer is stolen and you have this specific type of insurance, you will be covered for the value of your physical computer and its "intangible assets" such as digital music and other entertainment downloads.

However, I'm wondering if they will be willing to foot the bill for the labor of purchasing all of those digital files, converting them to a digital format from CDs or other such tasks. Unfortunately, there are many songs on my iPod that are hard to find and purchased legally (your songs are only insured if you have proof that you legally purchased them) from random sites I have long forgotten, so being reimbursed for just the songs would only go halfway.

For Nationwide's digital music insurance to even be viable for the new age of techies, there would need to be further compensation to cover this time spent acquiring music. If someone has a massive collection of music on their 60GB iPod that they have been building for 10 years, money can only go so far. Money won't help you remember every single song that you had so you can re-download it.